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About the projecct freeaachen44
In October 2014, the liberation of Aachen has its 70th anniversary. On October 21, 1944 the first major German city surrendered in World War II. The end of the war in the West began.
Since spring 2014 texts, contemporary witness reports, historical sources, maps and pictures are compiled on this page to commemorate 70 years of peace and liberty in Aachen.
This non-commercial project is realized by Dr. Peter M. Quadflieg, Research Assistant at the Research Group for Economic, Social and Technology History, RWTH Aachen University and Dr. René Rohrkamp, senior assistant at the State Archives in Eupen (Belgium). The project is financially supported by the Community Foundation “Lebensraum Aachen”.

The Community Foundation “Lebensraum Aachen” is grateful to the many persons and institutions that support the project “70 years of peace and liberty”:

U.S. Consulate General Duesseldorf
Diocese of Aachen
Borgmann, Martin
Cosneau, Anais
Curdes, Gerhard
Dux, Holger A.
Evangelical Church of Aachen
F. Victor Rolff Foundation
Photography Andreas Herrmann
History Network Euregio Maas-Rhine
Hubler, Stephen.A.
Johnen, Hermann-Victor
Jussen, Heinz
Kaiser, Achim
Kottmann, Dietmar
Küpper, Stefan
Landmarken AG
Lankowsky, Carl
Laws, Brigitte
Lions Club Carolina, Aachen
Maintz, Helmut
Meyer, Jürgen
Morschel, Manuel
Müller-Drehsen, R.
Peltzer, Albrecht
Quadflieg, Peter M.
Rohrkamp, René
Sparda Bank West, Aachen
City of Aachen
Szagunn, Dirk
Thomes, Paul
Tom Tom Design
Volkshochschule Aachen (Adult Education Center)
Weisser, Anne
Zeitungsverlag Aachen (Newspaper Publishing Company Aachen)
Zucketto-Debour, Anita

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Letters and comments are welcome: info@buergerstiftung-aachen.de