German Sources about the „Battle of Aachen“

German Orders and Reports

Date Short Description PDF
09-07-1944 Evacuation directives of the Interior Minister DQ 0
09-10-1944 Evacuation order by Himmler DQ 1
09-11-1944 Evacuation order by Gauleiter DQ 2
09-13-1944 Graf v. Schwerin’s report on the situation DQ 3
09-13-1944 Additional order by Gauleiter DQ 4
09-14-1944 Radio messages between Schack and Schwerin DQ 5
09-15-1944 Report on evacuation by General Schack DQ 6
09-15-1944 Report on evacuation by General Schwerin DQ 7
09-15-1944 Report on evacuation by General Mattenklott DQ 8
10-10-1944 Announcement to the citizens of Aachen DQ 8bis
10-18-1944 to 10-21-1944 Radio messages by Colonel Wilck DQ 9
10-08-1944 to 10-21-1944 Excerpt from Wehrmacht High Command war diary DQ 10

German propaganda in ”Westdeutscher Beobachter“ – newspaper of the NSDAP


The scans were provided with kind permission of the State Archives in Eupen (Belgium). The newspaper inventory “Westdeutscher Beobachter” bears the signature: Staatsarchiv in Eupen, X177-30.

Date Short description PDF
07-06-1944 Reports about the start of the Normandy landings WDB_06.07.1944
09-07-1944 Rallying calls by the NS propaganda WDB_05.09.1944
09-06-1944 Portraying the “Westwall” as defensive position WDB_06.09.1944
09-07-1944 Preparing for the battle for the „Reich“ WDB_07.09.1944


Contemporary witness reports from the “Zeitschrift des Aachener Geschichtsvereins” (1955, 1963, 1972) (Journal of the Aachen History Association)

The following collections of contemporary witness reports about the “Battle of Aachen” have been edited in 1955, 1962 and 1972 by Bernhard Poll (1901-1981), director of the municipal archives in Aachen. They show the understanding of the history of World War II in the early post-war decades. Nowadays, this collection has become a historical source itself. The documents are copyrighted by the Aachener Geschichtsverein (Aachen History Association). We greatly appreciate the kind permission to reproduce.

Aachen im Herbst 1944, Bd. I (1955) Aachen im Herbst 1944, Bd. II (1963) Aachen im Herbst 1944, Bd. III (1972)