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The End of WW II in the West: the 70th Anniversary of the Capture of Aachen 1944.

In October 2014, the liberation of Aachen has its 70th anniversary. On October 21, 1944 the first major German city surrendered in World War II. The end of the war in the West began.

Since spring 2014 texts, contemporary witness reports, historical sources, maps and pictures are compiled on this page to commemorate 70 years of peace and liberty in Aachen.

Update! Read now two background articles on the war events in Aachen in autumn 1944 and find out about the eventful commemoration of the end of war in Aachen over the past 70 years.

For the period between the anniversaries of D-Day (June 6, 2014) and the German surrender (May 8, 2015) the Twitter account @freeaachen44_en will track the events referring to the “Battle of Aachen” and the liberation of the city in October 1944.

In addition to that, the Community Foundation “Lebensraum Aachen” initiated a project for students from Aachen with the aim of giving young people the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas on the subjects of peace and freedom. (Further information and preliminary results of the student project)

The Community Foundation “Lebensraum Aachen” has suggested that the bells of the churches in Aachen will ring on October 21, 2014, 70 years after the surrender of the city.
The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the commitments of the Bishop of Aachen and the entire presbytery of the Evangelical church… For further information please visit the website of the Community Foundation!

This non-commercial site is supported by independent historians . It is realized with the financial support of and in cooperation with the Community Foundation “Lebensraum Aachen”.

Stay tuned!